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Introducing the Taxbot Certified Professional Network
...a network of professionals you can trust...
We are excited for the upcoming launch of the Taxbot Certified Pro Network.

If you are interested in being contacted when the network is ready to go, just put your contact information in the form below and click the "Get Notified" button!

We will then notify you as soon as the network is ready to go!
The Taxbot Certified Professional Network
Thank you for showing interest in the Taxbot Certified Professional Network.

Over the years, Sandy has taught thousands of small business owners about the tax benefits of being self-employed.

Because of this, we are constantly being asked for referrals to accountants that know how to do the things that Sandy teaches.

This is why Taxbot Certified Professional Network was created.

The preparers in our network will be:
  • 1.   Certified as Taxbot Pro’s, meaning that they will be familiar with what Sandy teaches in his webinars and will be ready to help you take advantage of the strategies in your business.
  • 2.   They will be experienced with doing not just taxes in general but small business taxes
  • 3.   And they will be proactive rather than reactive, allowing them time to counsel with you throughout the year and not just at tax time.
Our goal is to help people like you take advantage of all of the benefits you deserve as an entrepreneur.

If you are interested in possibly using one of our Taxbot Certified pros please provide us with your contact information below and we will reach out to you to let you know when the network is up and ready to go!
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