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“Join our affiliate program and Make a difference in the lives of your tribe!”
Holly McCall, Taxbot Affiliate Manager
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Including webinars, banners, email copy, images, & lead gen products
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Active hands-on support from a live person! A great resource to help guide strategy and implementation
Active Facebook Group for announcements and opportunities
Active Facebook group for sharing announcements and promotion strategies
Taxbot is a company that you will be proud to put your name behind.
Meet Holly…
Your Affiliate Manager
Holly is who makes the affiliate program work.

She is dedicated to make your time with Taxbot as rewarding as possible so apply now and put Holly to work for you!
How do I sign up?
It's pretty simple, really. Just click the button below and fill out the form.
How do affiliates get paid?
Taxbot pays all affiliates through PayPal.
How often do affiliates get paid?
Taxbot Affiliates get paid monthly.
What products can affiliates receive commissions on?
Our Taxbot app, Taxbot University, as well as other limited opportunity assets throughout the year.
How much does it cost to join the Taxbot Affiliate Program?
Nothing, it is absolutely free! However, there are some qualifications to be met to ensure it is the right fit for you.
Can I track my affiliate commissions?
Yes, as an affiliate with Taxbot, you have access to a back office where you can see every sale and which links are working the best for you.
How are my commissions tracked?
We use a super-sticky system that tracks sales by your unique affiliate code. You will receive credit for the sale for 45 days after the initial click. If any purchases are made, you get credit for the sale.
Is the Taxbot Affiliate Program right for me?
It all depends on how influential you are! Our most successful affiliates put time and effort into promotion and do extremely well. As a general rule... if your sphere of influence is LESS than 100 contacts per month, you may do even better in our "Rewards Program" where each paid referral earns you $25 each!
What if I have questions about the program?
As a Taxbot affiliate you have access to a real live human as your affiliate manager. Not only that but we have great training videos and tutorials on how to spread the word using pre-made tools and assets.
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