It’s Possible To Get All of Your Bookkeeping Done In 12 Minutes Per Month
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Automatic is better.
✅  Automatic Mileage Tracking
✅  Automatic Expense Tracking
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is better.

Automatic Mileage
Expense Tracking
For iOS & Android
Complete your accounting in as little as 12 minutes a month... with almost no work on your part.
How Can Taxbot Help You In Your Business?
Watch as one Taxbot user discusses his, perhaps atypical ways of handling his bookkeeping… automatically.
Automatic Mileage Tracking
Taxbot tracks all your driving using your smartphone's GPS. Easily identify and classify your business trips later with the swipe of a finger.

Each trip displays…
• Detailed map highlighting the exact route
• Full beginning and ending addresses
• Easily merge trips
• Trips can be matched to calendar appointments

Automatic Expense Tracking
Taxbot reads your photo and email receipts and matches them to the correct bank or credit card charge. Taxbot fills in missing data, categorizes the transaction, and sends it back to you for your approval.

Taxbot automatically imports…
• Photos of receipts you take with the app
• Email receipts you receive in your inbox
• Bank and credit card transactions

On average, our customers only spend 12 minutes per month approving expenses and mileage. Imagine what you could do with that extra time. You could grow your business, spend time with family, or read a good book. Even better, Taxbot customers save over $10,000 on their taxes on average. 

By the way, besides saving you time, Taxbot will ensure that your records are tax compliant...
AuditSafe Reports
Taxbot is one of the only accounting products that focuses on IRS (and CRA) compliance. At the end of the year you can print off an AuditSafe™ Report. Send this report to your accountant and it will make tax preparation easy.

The report includes…
• Profit and loss statement
• Complete driving log
• Pictures of all receipts and notes for compliance

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