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What Does Taxbot Do?

Automatic Mileage Tracking
Taxbot effortlessly tracks all your driving in the background so you don't have to remember to do it. Later when you have a few seconds you can easily identify and classify your business trips. 

Unlike the competition… Taxbot makes it easy to identify your previous trips! Lets compare…Each trip card displays: 
  • Detailed Map …highlighting the exact route taken
  • Full Street Addresses …not just the city
  • Merge Trips …with just a couple of clicks
  • Connect Your Calendar App …to automatically import your events to connect with trips
Automatic Expense & Receipt Tracking
Your only job is to snap pictures of your receipts (Takes about 1 second). Your email receipts will also automatically be imported (with your permission, of course). And then...  

Taxbot Takes Over: The app reads and interprets the text on the receipts and matches it up to the right bank or credit card charge when it shows up in your bank account a day or two later, Taxbot will: 
  • Match Photo & Email Receipts …automatically to connect to the proper bank transactions
  • Fills In Missing Data …that is needed for tax compliance*
  • Categorizes Expenses …you can even add new categories that you need
Designed By An IRS Attorney 
To Be Bulletproof Against An Audit
The IRS wins in 83% of audits. In other words, in 8 out of 10 audits they collect extra taxes plus interest and penalties from the taxpayer. The primary reason is not cheating... It has to do with poor record-keeping. The IRS can ask you to prove your deductions with things like: 
  • Copies of receipts and invoices for almost every expense (very few exceptions)
  • A written log for "meals and entertainment" expenses that detail who you met with and what was the business discussed
  • A mileage log for that includes the reason for each drive
Unfortunately, most accounting programs are not designed to make sure you have the proper proof in case of an audit. 
Easy Reports Your Accountant Will Love!
Amaze your accountant with our AuditSafe Reports. Instead of wasting hours pulling together reports and spreadsheets simply download your custom AuditSafe report.

The AuditSafe report produces:
  • A complete Profit & Loss Statement
  • Pictures of all your receipts along with IRS required information printed below each photo (Also works for Canadian compliance).
  • Your detailed mileage log with all the proof you need! 
Now if you get audited you can hand the auditor your report with confidence!
Simple Set Up - Easy To Use
Taxbot is easy to learn and simple to use. To get the automation set up simply login to the app and follow the on screen instructions to connect your bank or credit card. You can also connect your email so that your electronic receipts can be imported from your inbox. Turn on automatic trip tracking and you are ready to go! 
100x Return On Investment
On average Taxbot customers track and save over $10,000 in taxes... Not bad considering Taxbot is only $8.33 per month (when billed annually). And even that is tax deductible too!  
Try Taxbot Risk Free
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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