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Dear Reader, 

Frankly it makes my blood boil when I see so many self-employed make this little mistake and miss out on some serious tax deductions that are hiding right under their nose...

Let's see if you can spot the mistake...

Most people start thinking about taxes in late December and worry about them until they file in April.

Do you see the problem yet?

It's not always obvious the first time you look at this... The problem is that the deadline for you to do ANYTHING to dramatically affect your taxes is December 31st. So most people are thinking about taxes during the very time in which they can't change anything... 

See people mistake this time period as tax time. But really at this point all your doing is the paperwork...  The time to affect your tax bill has passed.  

During tax season, your accountant will do as many as 300 tax returns... 

When you do the math they only have about 2 hours to work on each return. They don't have time to chit-chat and dive into your business and strategize about the ways you could save in the future -- It's filing season -- they are doing the paperwork... That's about it. 

And the the result is that you likely miss out on thousands of dollars in missed tax savings every year. 

A recent article in forbes estimated that 93% of small businesses overpay. That's 9 in 10! To test this, invited 7 strangers from a variety of industries to bring their tax returns into our office. We looked at their returns, talked with them and we found at least $10,000 in new tax savings for them... Most of you are overpaying... 

So how do you stop this from happening to you? 

The answer is surprisingly simple. Look at this timeline again... 

Now this period between roughly may and december is what I call the strategy season. And I will show you how we have helped thousands of people lower their taxes by investing just 5 hours... during this time... how do we do it? 

We do it by putting people through a program we call Taxbot University. It is an online video course taught by my partner Sandy botkin, who is a former IRS attorney, a CPA and a best selling author on small business taxes.  

Not too long ago we contacted people who had been through the course the previous year. And we asked them compare their latest tax returns to the ones from before taking the course. And on average we found that by simply attending this short workshop, they found, on average, over $20,000 in NEW deductions!  

Now to be clear, these were not mistakes made by an accountant on a tax return. Accountants are pretty darn good at the paperwork side. These were new opportunities or ideas that our students didn't know about. And since they didn't know abou them, So they didn't do anything to qualify for them... or even know to bring them up as ideas with their accountant. 

So here is the deal. In this short course you will learn things like: 

  • How to use 2 cars in your business to unlock $1,000's in extra tax savings -- without any more driving
  • The "Blueprint Magic Trick" - that we used to help one of our customers increase his home office deduction by 25% with no extra work! And how you can do the same thing.Find more deductions for your business (travel, education, and health care)
  • How to set up a retirement plan that can outperform any government pension 
  • The IRS approved way to deduct 100% of your medical expenses (and get an extra 15% savings on your health insurance)Set up retirement programs more profitable than government or large companies can
  • How to legally pay for your kids hobbies, college, and even weddings through your business.
  • How the new tax law makes it 300% more affordable to drive luxury cars for business. 
  • And a ton of other strategies...
The course is not a training on how to file the paperwork for your taxes. It's a course that shows you the strategies that you've got to know about so you can implement them... Or at least know enough about them to discuss them with your CPA. We've taught over 50,000 people this same information. And in our experience most of the savings happen when you take these ideas to your accountant and open up a conversation.  

Now because we found that our past participants found an average $20,000 in savings, you might be thinking that this is one of those expensive online courses that sell for $2,000 or more (we probably could sell it for that) -- but we really believe that it should be affordable... 

We are not selling some pie in the sky strategy that is going to make you millions of dollars and make all your wildest dreams come true...

But if we can save you $10,000 in taxes this year... and next year.. and forever... then that's real money can change your life... So we set the retail price for Taxbot University at only $395. 

And your timing is perfect because we actually have Taxbot on sale right now for 49% off - So its only $199 for a limited time... 

Click the link below to sign up before we raise the price. 

As always, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Go through the course within 30 days of purchase. And if you don't feel like you got at least 10 times your investment then call us and we will refund your money without any hassle. 

To take advantage of this offer simply click the order now button on this page. 


- Jake Randall, CEO @ Taxbot

Get The Updated Taxbot University Program For 49% Off! 
Former IRS Attorney, Sanford Botkin, will be your guide every step of the way in this course designed to help self-employed people get every ounce of tax savings they are entitled to legally!
Taxbot University simplifies tax strategy so you can make the tax laws work in your favor.
Taxbot University will help you...
  • Understand how simple tax strategy can be
  • Intelligently speak with your accountant or tax preparer
  • Have the courage to handle your own financial strategies
  • Find more deductions for your business (travel, education, and health care)
  • Avoid common tax mistakes
  • Reduce your chances of being audited
  • Significantly decrease capital gain taxes
  • Set up retirement programs more profitable than government or large companies can
  • Most of all… never pay a dime more than you have to… and do it legally!
The full 4 hour course is broken into short 10-15 minute lessons. Go through it on your own time. A tax course might sound boring... but you will be delighted to find it is actually entertaining. That is right... it's actually a fun class.

As Mary Poppins says... “A spoon full of sugar, helps the medicine go down”. We knew a course on taxes had to be fun or you would get bored and quit. So don't worry... it definitely has entertainment value.

“This course was laced with humor and wit...
I learned a ton of ways to save money
and I actually had fun listening to a tax course...
Pigs must be flying"

- J. Engel, AZ
Your Accountant Secretly Wishes You Would Take This Class
Imagine yourself in your accountants shoes for a minute. . .

As a tax preparer you would be working 12-14 hour days during the busy season (6 or 7 days a week). You rarely see your family during this time. When you are at the office the phone is ringing off the hook with clients' questions and concerns. Despite your best efforts to tackle your to-do list, it just gets longer.

During that busy season, How much time do you have to spend on each client's taxes?

Not much time at all. It is nearly impossible to look for missed opportunities for each client. Taking this course will help you and your accountant work together to find the most savings...

“As an accountant, I wish all my clients would go
through this course. Then we could really save the
client money and be sure they are staying compliant.”

 - Ryan Cason, CPA, Tax Sentry, UT
Who should take this course?
  • Real estate agents
  • Consultants
  • Sales people
  • Financial planners
  • Insurance agents
  • Contractors
  • And… any self-employed person that wants to increase their cash flow
What people are saying about Taxbot University…
“If I had to pay $5,000 plus for the seminar, I would, knowing how much I am going to gain..."

-G. Barker, from Perrysburg OH
"I'm sure I'll save at least ten times the price of the seminar. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is self-employed." 

– M Peiper, from Ogden UT

"This is the best seminar I have attended in the last 5 years and worth more than the money paid for all the others combined. It will put you on top, looking down!" 

S. Seaborn, from Tampa FL
Meet Your Instructor
Sanford Botkin, CPA, Esq.

No one is more qualified to help you find tax savings than Sanford Botkin. As we mentioned he was 1 of 8 tax attorneys responsible for training IRS agents. He left the IRS and started teaching.

Over 100,000 small business owners have heard Sanford's training in person. Many more have read his best-selling books. It would be hard to quantify the millions-of-dollars he has helped people save.

Currently, he serves as President of the Tax Reduction Institute in Washington, DC. and is the Chief Education Officer at Taxbot.
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