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The Tax Game Has Changed For The Self-Employed
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Special Bonus: For a limited time only, if you purchase the $249 bundle below, then you can get a special bonus. If you finish the Taxbot University course within 30 days, then we will pay one of our trusted partners to review last years tax return. And we will challenge them to see if they can find $10,000 of missed savings for you!  
Taxbot University
Taxbot Bundle
Taxbot Mileage and Expense Tracking system.

Automatically track your miles, take photos of receipts and reconcile with your bank to find missed deductions.

Start a 14-Day Free Trial and then Taxbot is only $100/year or $10/month.

Taxbot University is an engaging online course taught by former IRS agent and CPA, Sandy Botkin. The course is designed to teach the most critical things needed by self-employed individuals.

Learn what you need to know about the new tax code in the newly updated version of Taxbot University.

Combine the annual Taxbot option with Taxbot University and get a $50 discount!

The bundle is a great way to keep track of your business and also learn how to take advantage of the tax code in one fail swoop!
What people are saying about Taxbot…
I used to use (a similar) app on my smart phone. But Taxbot is sooo much better. It tracks everything, even you mileage while you drive, and stores copies of receipts on the cloud!

– A Campbell, via Facebook
What people are saying about Taxbot University…
"I'm sure I'll save at least ten times the price of the seminar. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is self-employed." 

– M Peiper, from Ogden UT
"Let's Make Your Life A Lot Less Taxing!"
Sanford Botkin, CPA, Esq.

No one is more qualified to help you find tax savings than Sanford Botkin. As we mentioned he was 1 of 8 tax attorneys responsible for training IRS agents. He left the IRS and started teaching.

Over 100,000 small business owners have heard Sanford's training in person. Many more have read his best-selling books. It would be hard to quantify the millions-of-dollars he has helped people save.

Currently, he serves as President of the Tax Reduction Institute in Washington, DC. and is the Chief Education Officer at Taxbot.
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