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"The book is excellent and is just chock full of advice on how to avoid problems with your taxes and the IRS with your own business. Invaluable!" 

 – Richard Bauman

This little book is a package of dynamite! I only wish I had access to it years ago... Leaving all that money on the table! It is written so well, with easy to understand examples and explanations. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in this business
and wants to be on a level playing field with 
Uncle Sam! Bravo!

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Tons of value within the book and extremely informative. Definitely worth 100x what I paid for it, and I plan to implement some of the recommendations immediately. Thanks so much!!!

– Jeremy Krulikowski

Over $1,000,000,000 in Tax Savings For Our Clients

"I've helped our clients save over a $1 Billion in taxes in just the last few years.  Not only that, but they did it 'according to the book'.  

Now, It's your turn. I'd like to try to help you find an extra couple-of-thousand dollars in your business with this book." 

Sandy Botkin, former IRS attorney, CPA, and best-selling author
Hi, I'm Sandy Botkin... 

I am a CPA, a tax attorney, and former attorney for the IRS... I've seen a lot of self-employed people miss out on BIG money that went to the IRS instead of lining their own pockets... 

Imagine how you'd feel if I told you that last year your spouse wrote a check, without telling you, for $10,000 and gave it away to an undeserving stranger... 

You'd be ticked off, right? 

Unless you're a generous philanthropist and have piles of cash money laying around, you'd be pretty ticked off – and for good reason.

But in all likelihood, you overpaid the IRS $10,000 more than you needed too... 

...But you are not alone.  A recent article on Forbes estimated 93% of  self-employed people overpay their taxes every year.

Over the years I've found that even the MOST SEASONED self-employed people overpay their taxes by about $10,000 or more each year...and they have no clue...  

It happens even if they have a good accountant... or if they used some TurboTax-type software. 

That's not chump change... 

...That means that over the last 10 years you've likely overpaid by $100,000. (And that's not counting any interest you could have earned.) 

You could've used that "dough" for retirement, paid off a mortgage, or plowed it back into your business. 

Over the last thirty years I have been on a mission. I have been so blessed to be able to help so many self-employed people. I am a CPA and a tax attorney and I used to work for the IRS. My job there was to train other attorneys on the tax code...
But, after seeing hoards of self-employed people hemorrhaging cash and not getting the deductions they were legally entitled to, I left the IRS...

I left the IRS and began to help spread the word and help stop the money leaks. I helped start several companies including Taxbot, to show entrepreneurs how to spot missed deductions.  

I have spent the better part of my time writing books (like the FREE one you see here), sharing the stage with people like Tony Robbins, and developing software and educational programs to help people like you learn to save money AND stay 100% within the IRS guidelines... 

Do you want to know the #1 offending reason why people are giving the government more than they need to? The reason is simple... 
If You Really Want To Save Money On Your Taxes You Need To Be Looking At The Deductions You Are NOT CURRENTLY Qualifying For... 

Think about it... Your accountant basically looks at your financials and files the deductions that he can see a paper trail for... Let's do a silly imaginary example:  

 If you haven't been taking advantage of a write-off, then there will NOT be a paper trail for your accountant to find... It's YOUR responsibility to learn what you are missing out on... 

You should be asking yourself, what could and should I change in my business to unlock more tax savings. 

There are countless pro-active things you can do to keep more of your hard earned money.  And I'll spell out some of the most profitable ones for you in your FREE book. 
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Why most self employed people "donate" an extra $10,000 to the IRS and how to make sure you get every deduction you are legally entitled to!
  • Why everyone needs to own a business in today's economy.  Even if it's only a part time business it can protect all forms of income from unnecessary taxes. 
  • How to legally pay for your kid's hobbies, sports, video games, and even their college education through your business - tax free!
  • The IRS approved "Healthcare Refund" that you have never heard about even though it has been in the tax code for 60+ years! This could be the easiest money you can find with average savings of almost $6,000/year for those that qualify. 
  • Travel points are great... But they are worth nothing when compared to the cash savings you can get when you plan your travel so that you get bonus tax deductions!
  • How to skate through an IRS audit untouched if you do get the dreaded letter... Hint, its more about having a good offense than defense (Chapter 11).
  • The trick to write-off your equipment twice! (Including your cars, computers, furniture, and more! 
  • The simple system that creates bulletproof alibi's that will stand up to the most scrupulous IRS auditor!
  • How to "create" $15,000 in extra cash using some simple home office tips your CPA hasn't mentioned to you. 
  • How to automatically create a good offense and defense against the IRS and protect your money. 
  • And many other legal ways to squeeze massive amounts of money out of your tax return! 
Normally, I sell this book for $14.99 + Shipping and Handling. But... You can get it FREE, just cover shipping and handling of $7.95 as part of our tax season preparation sale! Get it at this price while you can!
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