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Click the button to start a 14 day risk free trial. There is absolutely no risk to you. If you are not totally in love with Taxbot simply call or email us and we will stop your trial. If you like having Taxbot do most of the work for you, then just keep using it and we will bill your card on file for the annual investment of only $100. You have got nothing to lose... and a lot to gain. So go ahead and click the button below to get going!
14 Day Risk-Free Trial... 
Only $100/year after the trial 
What Customers Are Saying
“I have been using Taxbot since 2014... I love sending the organized report to my CPA showing my exact mileage, income and categorized expenses. Thank you Taxbot for continuing to make my life easier as a small business owner.”

-Melissa Miller

“My favorite part of Taxbot is the mileage tracking...With Taxbot, it automatically tracks my miles and I can then categorize them personal or business. This is an amazing app!”

-Marlin Hurd
“The SmartMatch Receipt feature saves me so much time! I seriously can't imagine my life without it,”

-Susan Sly
Automate Tedious Bookkeeping
With Almost Zero Work
Tracking expenses and mileage is tedious and time consuming. Taxbot eliminates most of the work with automated mileage tracking and our SmartMatch receipt technology. 
Watch this 60-second video on Automatic Mileage Tracking
Automatic Mileage Tracking
Taxbot effortlessly tracks all your driving in the background so you don't have to remember to do it.  Later when you have a few seconds you can easily identify and classify your business trips. Each trip card displays: 
  • Detailed map highlighting the exact route taken
  • ​Full addresses (not just a city)
  • ​Easily merge trips
  • And any trips that end within 30 minutes of an event on your phones calendar will automatically display the suggested purpose of the trip to help you identify it.
Simply swipe your personal trips to the left and business ones to the right! 

If the business trip doesn't have a calendar appointment the card will flip and ask you for a quick description of the business reason for the trip. This is CRUCIAL for IRS compliance. Simply tap out a purpose and you are done!
SmartMatch Receipts To Expenses 
Track compliant expenses in 3 seconds flat! 

Your Only Job: Snap pictures of physical receipts (Takes about 1 second). Your email receipts will automatically be imported with your permission. 

Taxbot Takes Over: Reads and interprets the text on the receipts. When the bank or credit card charge shows up in your bank account a day or two later, Taxbot will: 
  • ​Automatically matches photo and email receipts to the correct bank transactions
  • ​Fills in missing data*
  • ​Categorizes the expense
  • ​Sends it back to you for your approval!
Simply swipe your personal expenses left and business ones to the right! 

It took one second to upload the receipt and two seconds to approve the match - Expense tracking in 3 seconds flat!
*If for some reason the app needs additional information for an expense to be tax compliant the card will flip and ask you for the information. For example, a meal expense requires notes about "who" you met with and "what was discussed."
Watch this 60-second video on SmartMatch Receipts
Recreate Your Past Using SmartMatch
Signing up mid-year? No Problem
  • ​Upload your bank statements for the first part of the year.
  • ​Snap pictures of the receipts stuffed in your shoebox or your filing cabinet. (Note: If you already have digital pictures you can upload them in bulk on the website.) 
Wait 15 minutes and all your receipts will be matched up with bank transactions waiting for your review. 
 Designed By An IRS Attorney
To Be Bulletproof Against an Audit
The IRS wins in 83% of audits. In other words, in 8 out of 10 audits they collect extra taxes plus interest and penalties from the taxpayer. The primary reason is not cheating... It has to do with poor record-keeping. The IRS can ask you to prove your deductions with things like:
  • Copies of receipts and invoices for almost every expense (very few exceptions)
  • ​A written log for "meals and entertainment" expenses that detail who you met with and what was the business discussed.
  • ​A mileage log for that includes the reason for each drive.
Unfortunately, most accounting programs are not designed to make sure you have the proper proof in case of an audit. 
Easy Reports Your Accountant Will Love!
Amaze your accountant with our AuditSafe Reports. Instead of wasting hours pulling together reports and spreadsheets simply download your custom AuditSafe report.

The AuditSafe report produces:
  • ​A complete Profit & Loss Statement
  • ​Pictures of all your receipts along with IRS required information printed below each photo (Also works for Canadian compliance).
  • ​Your detailed mileage log with all the proof you need! 
Now if you get audited you can hand the auditor your report with confidence!
Simple Set Up - Easy To Use
Taxbot is easy to learn and simple to use. To get the automation set up simply login to the app and follow the on screen instructions to connect your bank or credit card.  You can also connect your email so that your electronic receipts can be imported from your inbox. Turn on automatic trip tracking and you are ready to go! 
100x Return On Investment
On average Taxbot customers track and save over $10,000 in taxes... Not bad considering Taxbot is only $8.33 per month (when billed annually). And even that is tax deductible too!  
YES! I Want To Start My 14 Day Risk-Free Trial
Click the button start a 14 day risk free trial. There is absolutely no risk to you. If you are not totally in love with Taxbot simply call or email us and we will stop your trial. If you like having Taxbot do most of the work for you, then just keep using it and we will bill your card on file for the annual investment of only $100. You have got nothing to lose... and a lot to gain. So go ahead and click the button below to get going!
14 Day Risk-Free Trial... 
Only $100/year after the trial 
How much does Taxbot cost? 
Taxbot is available for only $100 per year (or $10 per month which equals $120 per year). Better yet, your total investment is tax deductible, which ultimately equates to a price of about $65.00 per year. 

Money Back Guarantee...
Taxbot had a risk free 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  If, within the first 30 days of using Taxbot, you are not satisfied with the program, simply reach out to us for a full refund.
Call:  855-482-9268
Email: support@taxbot.com
Chat: www.taxbot.com

Are there instructions on how to use Taxbot?
We have a full help section with tutorial videos and other documentation available at: https://taxbotllc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

How does Taxbot access my bank and credit card transactions?
Taxbot partners with a top-tier, third party aggregation vendor to securely connect to and access internal bank transaction systems. Upon entering your username and password, Taxbot gains read-only access to your statements, utilizing the highest level of security with 256-bit encryption. Rest assured, Taxbot does not store or save your credentials, nor does it have the ability to access or transfer funds within and/or between your accounts. 

How does Taxbot categorize my transactions and what are the different categories it uses?
When categorizing transactions, Taxbot uses all of the standard categories that are recognized by the IRS. Taxbot does quite a bit to make categorizing your transactions as easy as possible. We aggregate data across all users to learn how vendors are most commonly categorized, then use that information to automatically categorize transactions for you. However, we realize that our educated assumptions won’t always produce the most appropriate result. With that in mind, Taxbot will learn from and adjust to your personal categorization behavior. In other words, Taxbot will notice when you re-categorize a transaction and remember to use the new category for future transactions from that particular vendor.  

What happens if I incorrectly approve or reject an expense or mileage?
As always, you have full control over the classification of all expense and mileage tracking within the Taxbot app. If you incorrectly approve or reject an entry, you can simply go into the Classified Expenses section and edit the entry.  

Does Taxbot ever require any additional information about an expense or mileage?
Yes, some categories do require additional information in order to be tax compliant. For example, by regulation, expenses associated with meals and entertainment require that you include a description of individuals with whom you met, along with a detailed explanation of the business purpose to support the expense. When Taxbot spots a category that requires additional information, you will be automatically prompted for it. 

How soon after an expense or trip must I review and approve or reject them?
Although there are no specific guidelines or requirements, the IRS does instruct that records should be contemporaneous. This means that, in order to avoid them from being disallowed, you should record and classify your expenses as close in time to the event as possible.  

How does using Taxbot affect the battery life of my smart phone?
Taxbot is very conscious of the battery life of your phone. While you’re driving, Taxbot engages your phone’s GPS and battery usage is similar to what you might experience while using common navigation apps, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps. However, when you’re not driving, Taxbot functions in a very low power state and utilizes only minimal battery life.  

How does using Taxbot affect my usage of data on my smart phone?
Taxbot actually uses very little data. While driving and tracking your trips, Taxbot engages your phone’s GPS, which is free to access and does not utilize data through your carrier or data plan. In fact, Taxbot uses far less data than any social media app. 

Can Taxbot integrate with my personal calendar in any way?
Yes, Taxbot integrates with your phone calendar in a couple of ways. For example, when using the app to automatically track the mileage of a trip, Taxbot will check your calendar upon arriving at your destination. If your calendar includes a scheduled appointment within 30 minutes, Taxbot will then recommend the appointment as being the purpose for your trip. Additionally, for recording expenses, you can access all calendar appointments from the past three days and import the details into the appropriate expense reports.  

How does Taxbot ensure that my expense and mileage tracking will be compliant?
Taxbot will always prompt you to provide any information that the IRS may require for each type of expense. Of course, it is up to you to provide accurate, legitimate and truthful records and details. Doing so will help ensure the best possible outcome in terms of being compliant. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of resources within our Knowledge Base that you can use to educate yourself on current tax laws and regulations. 

Is Taxbot compliant with both IRS and CRA tax laws?
Yes, compliance is a top priority here at Taxbot. The Taxbot app is fully compliant with both IRS and CRA tax laws. Just remember to adjust your settings to the right country! 

Will Taxbot offer me any assistance if I’m ever audited by the IRS or CRA?
The main way in which Taxbot can assist you during an audit is by exporting your mileage and expense tracking records. Accurate and organized records will play a crucial role in any audit, and Taxbot will greatly simplify that process for you. We’re also happy to recommend industry professionals that can represent you during an audit. If you are audited, we strongly encourage you to recruit the help of a professional. 

Can Taxbot help me learn more about managing my accounting and tax preparation strategies?
Absolutely! At Taxbot, we’ve created a network of tax experts that are available to discuss and teach you about the most effective accounting and tax preparation strategies. Unlimited access to this network is available to you at a cost of only $150 per year. This type of service at this price is unprecedented, as reputable tax attorneys and CPAs will generally charge $150-300 per hour for similar services. To gain immediate access to our network of experts, contact us today. We also offer Taxbot University, an online video course that introduces and simplifies many of the key concepts and concerns business owners face during tax season. The course is taught by our Chief Education Officer, Sandy Botkin. Sandy is a Certified Public Accountant, tax attorney and former IRS agent trainer. He has effectively taken years worth of industry experience into the production of this 4-hour, self-paced course. Taxbot University will prepare you to work as a team with your personal tax accountant or preparer. Past students of Taxbot University have reported average tax savings of over $10,500. 
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