Attention Business Owners...

Discover the Single Most Powerful Reason the 
Rich Are Allowed to Keep Significantly More Cash Than YOU, Out of the IRS’ Greedy Hands...
Sandy Botkin
Former IRS Attorney

"... I'll show you how you can do the exact same thing... and permanently lower your taxes for the rest of your life!"

Here’s The Harsh Truth…
The rich pay less in taxes (as a percentage of income) than you do.

Warren Buffet’s tax rate is famously lower than his secretary’s.
Mitt Romney made $20,000,000 in 2012,
and his tax rate was only 13.9%… the same rate as someone making roughly $50,000 a year.
Amazon, which is owned
by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos (who is worth a whopping $153 billion!),
paid $0.00 in taxes this year! (In fact, they actually got a $160 million REFUND!)
Meanwhile...93% of Self Employed People 
Overpay Their Taxes Every Year...
          That statistic comes from a recent article on
          Ninety-Three Percent! Sheesh... That tells me...    
        Unless you're rich, you're probably not getting all the tax deductions you deserve…

      The wealthy hire armies of full-time CPA’s, attorneys, and financial planners to make sure they get to take every deduction they are legally entitled to. But small business owners, like you and me, simply can’t afford a full-time staff to sniff out every deduction opportunity… 

       But unlike the wealthy, solo-preneurs end up hiring an accountant that they share with 300 other business owners... 

       Or worse, they do their own taxes.

…In both methods, they confuse “filing” taxes with “tax planning”...
And the REAL money is made in “planning”.

But there's hope...
In 9 out of 10 cases, YOU could save an additional $10,000/year by following these simple steps: 
  • Make sure you're keeping compliant records
  • ​Take responsibility and learn the rules of the tax game so you can pro-actively qualify yourself for more tax deductions
You cannot rely on your tax filing software or your CPA (unless they work for you full time) to look FORWARD in time and PLAN for your future!
  • Find a tax expert who is amazing. You want someone willing to spend time doing tax planning with you, not just the filing.
     Now that may sound overly simple. But 99% of small businesses in America aren't doing this.
Earlier this year, I launched a pilot program called the Midas Initiative – an eight-week intensive experience (kind of like a bootcamp).  
     The goal of the bootcamp was to give 200 business owners everything they needed to start paying taxes like the wealthy.  My team and I gave them education, mentoring, and access to tax professionals... 

     Was it worth it? Absolutely! I got flooded with testimonials about how much money it was going to save them.

     But… The one drawback of the program was.... It was like drinking from a firehose – It was too much information delivered a little-too-fast.

     So, my team and I went back to the drawing board and looked at the feedback from the participants. Our goal was to improve the program and figure out how to make it more affordable.

     Plus, during our pilot program, I a ton of email from people who'd wanted to join the program but couldn’t afford the high cost – which was almost $2,000.
My team made some streamlined the program, and developed a less expensive way to help you permanently lower your taxes...
Introducing a new more-affordable membership program called…
The goal of the Midas Program is to 
save you an extra $10,000 on your taxes.
     Here's how the program works...

Monthly Financial Workshops

     Each month you’ll get a special invite to attend a private LIVE web-class with either Sandy Botkin, our chief education officer and former IRS attorney, or another financial expert.

     Each month, we’ll take on a new topic and teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about that subject – nothing will be left uncovered.

     For example, next month I'm going to talk about vehicle deductions in depth… In fact, if you do it right, vehicle deductions should save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes during your lifetime.

     The month after that might be on fringe benefits you can run through your business as the owner…  

Next Midas Training: "How to Use Your Vehicle Deductions To Save Hundreds-of-Thousands of dollars on taxes during your lifetime." 

LIVE training begins in:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Build Your Content Vault: When you join the Midas program, you’ll get permanent access to a password-protected website where you can collect recordings of all the trainings that have happened while you’ve been a member. 

Each year I’ll repeat the core tax lessons. So, if there is one you are missing, it’ll come back around. 

The last thing I want to do is flood you with information overload. I want to help you put each lesson into action so you see real results. 

Intimate “Ask the Expert” Opportunities

     At the end of each monthly training call, I'll open up the lines so that you can ask your questions directly to me (Sandy Botkin) or the guest presenter and get answers. 

     You’ll also be able to listen in and hear the other questions in the group. I’ve found that many times, you’ll learn more in these group Q&A sessions because other business owners will ask insightful questions that you may not have thought of.

     Each Q&A session will last up to an hour. And then you'll get... 

Get FREE one-on-one consultations
with Taxbot Certified Tax Professionals

     Finally, after each session, I'll pay one of our Taxbot Certified Tax Professionals to spend 15 minutes on a one-on-one phone call with you. 

     This is your chance to ask specific questions about your personal situation. For example, if the monthly topic was vehicle deductions, you could tell the certified CPA about your personal situation and get their advice. 

     The beauty of doing this once-a-month is that you’ll have a whole month to get around to implementing what you’ve learned. Too many people just learn things and never get around to implementing them

     Then, next month, you’ll get to do it all again.
Here are just some of the things you'll learn during the program:
• How “The Tax Cuts Act” (the biggest overhaul to the tax system in 3 decades) has fundamentally changed the tax game for self-employed people… and how to capitalize on it NOW!

• The “Blueprint Magic Trick” that I’ve used to help many of my customers increase their home office deduction by 25% – with no extra work! (You’ll see how you could do the exact same thing...)

• How simply driving your spouse’s car occasionally can unlock $1,000’s in EXTRA tax savings… and you won’t have to do any additional driving.

• Learn to funnel large sums of money into a retirement plan that kicks-the-crap out of any of those cushy government pension plans that politicians have.

• How to legally deduct all your kids’ hobbies, college, and even the cost of their weddings (all things that regular citizens can’t deduct). I’ll show you how to legally “run” those expenses through your business in a way you can actually write them off!

• Discover how the new tax law makes it 300% more affordable to drive luxury cars than it used to be. (Plus, I’ll show you how to trade-up your vehicle for a nicer one without costing you a dime. Imagine driving a nicer car and paying less than you do now...)

• Discover the reason why most self-employed people “donate” an extra $10,000 to the IRS and how to make sure you get every deduction you are legally entitled to...

• Learn why everyone needs to own a business in today’s economy – even if it’s only part-time – so you can protect yourself from all forms of unnecessary taxes.

• Qualify for an IRS approved “Healthcare Refund” that you’ve never heard about (even though it has been in the tax code for 60+ years!) This could be the easiest money you’ll find next year – the average savings for those that qualify is almost $6,000 per year!

• Travel points are great... but they pale in comparison to the cash savings you can get when you learn to turn your vacations into business trips and unlock some bonus travel deductions!

• How to “skate through” an IRS audit untouched if you do get the dreaded audit letter... (Hint, its more about having a good offense than defense!)

• The simple trick to write-off your equipment twice rather than the measly one-time you’re doing now. (This fancy trick works for your cars, computers, furniture, and more...)

• The simple change to make to your accounting process that will repel an auditor like garlic to a vampire! (Even the most scrupulous IRS auditor won’t be able to get anything extra out of you.)

• The costly mistake almost all self-employed people (and their accountants) make when claiming vehicle deductions – and how make sure it never happens again...

• The tax loophole SO BIG you can drive a truck through it... literally.

• The two ways to write-off your car – and the simple way to choose one that cash flows the best for your vehicle.

• The simple method to magically turn more of your personal driving into business mileage so you can deduct it!

• A simple formula that will tell you when you should lease a car instead of purchasing one. (The answer’s probably going to shock you.)

• An ingeniously simple way to make sure you never get the dreaded 75% civil fraud penalty if you get audited.

Three dangerous myths that could trigger an audit – and how to set up a “Chinese wall” to protect you!

• How the wealthy legally “smuggle” income to their heirs using vehicles! (They use all kinds of vehicles and equipment to give money to kids or other family members without “gift tax” problems.)

• Know which vehicles you should buy in order to find yourself with as much as 800% more tax write-offs than the average car

How to “create” $15,000 in extra cash using a simple home office exception your CPA hasn’t mentioned to you.

Two major deductions 95% of accountants miss (and so does TurboTax) … Find out how to get that money back for the last 3 years!

• And a ton of other strategies... This is just the tip-of-the-iceberg!
Midas Is the Least Expensive Way to Get Every Dollar of Tax Savings That You Deserve!
     Each year, you’ll get up to 21 hours of training and personal help from real professionals! 

     If you were to pay a good CPA for their time to do this for you, you’d pay $250/hour or more… which would cost you well over $5,000 per year. (Even more if you hired a tax attorney.)

     Join the Taxbot Midas program, and you’ll get the same service for just $149/month – at least that’s what I'm going to charge for it in the future…

     But right now, I'm offering limited time pricing for our first “Founding Members” of the program. And you can join right now for only $97/month.
  • No contracts
  • ​No obligations
  • ​Cancel anytime
     Think of it like this… Each month, it’s our responsibility to deliver the value. If you don’t feel like you’re learning how to save at least 10 times the cost, you can cancel at any time. 
3 Additional Reasons to
Join the Midas Program Today:

Exclusive Access to Our Private “Midas” Community

When you join Midas, you’ll get added to our private Facebook group where other members can connect. This will also be a place where you have even more access. Sandy Botkin (our Chief Education Officer) and other experts will be in this group to answer questions.  

Your Taxbot subscription is included for FREE

That’s right! When you are part of this group you get Taxbot for FREE! That’s $120/year value. Not too shabby! 

Get a Taxbot Voice - Bluetooth Mileage Tracker for FREE! (see below)

When you join this program today, I'll send you a FREE Taxbot Voice device when they are ready to ship. (Even if you only stick with the Midas program for one month, you’ll still get the Taxbot Voice device for FREE as our gift for giving the program a shot.) 

Enroll In Midas Today and Get a FREE Taxbot Voice:

*Patent Pending
Track and Categorize Your Business Mileage, While You Drive – Using Nothing But Your Voice!
A simple-to-use Bluetooth device that allows you to automatically track your vehicle mileage, categorize trips, and stay IRS compliant while driving!
  • Taxbot Voice® installs easily on your vehicles visor (similar to a garage door opener) or on the dashboard
  • ​Taxbot Voice connects to the Taxbot® mobile app via bluetooth
  • ​When you start driving, Taxbot Voice will notify you that a trip is in progress and is ready to be classified.
  • Classify your trip by simply pressing either the "personal" or "business" button on the device
  • ​When you press the business button, a microphone will become active for 10 seconds and you can simply speak the business reason for the trip (required for IRS compliance)
  • The recorded purpose for the trip is sent to the Taxbot mobile app over bluetooth connection and the recording is transcribed and saved for you in a matter of seconds
  • ​All your record keeping is done while you're still driving!

Get Your Taxbot Voice for FREE with your
first month of Midas

Tracking Your Business Mileage Can Be a Pain in the Neck

Even so called "Automatic" Mileage Tracking Apps
 Have one BIG, FRUSTRATING Problem:

     Sure, they “automatically” track your mileage…

     But you still have to go through all those trips and classify them as business or personal.

     And if you don’t take the time to classify your trips every... single... day (which is almost everyone), then your trips pile up in a never-ending to-do list inside your app… So eventually...
... you end up spending several hours of your time reviewing and classifying a huge list of previous trips!
     ...And, unless you’ve got a photographic memory, you’ll end up losing your mind trying to remember the reason for your trips from 3 months ago. 

     (I have a hard time remembering where I drove yesterday.)

     At Taxbot, our engineers knew there had to be a better solution… 

     So, my team developed a revolutionary new way to do your mileage record keeping while you're driving...
Introducing Taxbot Voice: A Simple Way To Classify Your Mileage While You Drive
*Patent Pending
     Taxbot Voice is a simple-to-use Bluetooth device that attaches to the visor in your vehicle and connects to the Taxbot® mobile app. 

     With Taxbot Voice®, you'll be able to complete your mileage log using your voice – while driving!

     Here’s how it works:

     Our Taxbot® mobile app can automatically sense when you start driving and start tracking a trip for you, so you don't have to remember to do it.

     Taxbot Voice® will notify you with a small flashing light and a distinct sounding chime.

     When you hear the chime – you can actually “pre-classify” your trip by pressing either the business or personal button on the device…

     That’s right, your trip gets pre-classified while you are still driving.

     And get this: If you press the business button on Taxbot voice, it activates a microphone for you so you can simply tell the device what the reason for the trip is. 

     Taxbot Voice® will then send the recording back to the Taxbot mobile app over Bluetooth where it will be transcribed and saved for you.

     Before your trip even ends. you’ve pre-classified it as business or personal AND you’ve recorded the business purpose so you are 100% IRS compliant!
WARNING: Most mileage tracking apps are NOT IRS compliant!
     If your using a mileage tracking app, and it is NOT asking you to record a specific reason for each business trip, then it’s not meeting the IRS’s strict standards for a mileage log – which means you could lose all your vehicle deductions in an audit. 
(By the way, vehicle mileage is the #1 thing audited by the IRS – because they know most people are not doing it correctly).
     But you don’t have to worry about that with Taxbot, because the original Taxbot app was developed by a former IRS attorney back in 2011. 

     Compliance is our Jam!

     So even though Taxbot® has been tracking mileage for almost a decade, the brand new Taxbot Voice® makes it even easier to classify your mileage AND stay compliant.

Why Taxbot Voice is Different...
     Other trip tracking apps don’t allow you to classify a trip until 5-10 minutes after its over and you’ve moved onto something else…

     The reason trips are not usually ended until they've been over for awhile is because the apps are trying to make sure you're really done driving and that you're not just stuck at a stoplight.  So, they wait till you've not been driving for 10 minutes, or they can tell that you have started walking.

     By the time a trip ends with other apps, your hands are full and you're likely in your next meeting... Which means it ends up in a list of 1,000 other trips that need to be classified…

     But with Taxbot Voice, you eliminate the need to go back and manually classify your trips from six months ago.   
Special Pre-Order Pricing
     Now, my team has been testing Taxbot Voice® for months, and they're about to start manufacturing. 

     When these start shipping, they'll sell them for as much as $129.99.

     But, when you join the Midas Initiative program today, you'll get one for FREE with your first month.. 
So, Are You Ready To Permanently Lower Your Taxes, Once-and-for-All?
     Listen, you'll pay more in taxes in your lifetime than you will for food, shelter, transportation and clothing combined.  It is your life's biggest expense.

     But, if you get a handle on it now, you can reap the rewards every year for the rest of your life.  Let's say you could save an extra $10,000 per year... What would that mean for you and your family?  Imagine how your business could be different if you could plow that back into your business or some other investments...

     Don't "kick-the-can" down the road and keep overpaying your taxes. Sign up for Midas today and finally plug those holes that are leaking tax dollars out of your business. 
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